Eric Heel

Stratus Designs

Eric is COO and co-founder of Stratus Designs. He brings a practical approach to the design & execution of cannabis facility construction projects from his background in civil engineering, construction & project management. For more than the past 8 years, he has worked on: site & development planning; permitting; design & layout; tendering; and construction supervision for commercial, industrial & residential projects. He now specializes in the design & layout of cannabis facilities. Eric has worked on facilities in British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario. Because of his background in consulting engineering, Eric is able to bridge the gap between a project’s professional design team, and the owner’s operations & business team. Eric specializes in the design & inspection of cannabis cultivation & processing facilities for GMP compliance.

Andrew Samann

Orion GMP

Andrew is the founder of Orion GMP Solutions and serves as the Chief Executive Officer and Principal Consultant. As a Sergeant in the United States Marine Corps, he served two tours in Iraq as an NCOIC, leading a team of Marines responsible for quality maintenance management and documentation of over 400,000 life limited critical parts on UH‐1N and AH‐1W attack helicopters. Following the Marines, Andrew earned a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry and worked at the University of Michigan as a bio‐analytical chemist, publishing several articles in peer reviewed scientific journals. Andrew’s experience spans the fields of bio‐analytical chemistry and purification; including pharmaceutical manufacturing of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients under FDA and International GMP guidelines in an FDA Registered, DEA Schedule 1 Facility.

Adam Clarke

Stratus Designs

Adam is founder and CEO of Stratus Designs where he is lead designer and facility layout & HVAC design specialist. Adam has provided planning & design services on over a dozen cannabis/hemp cultivation & processing facilities over approximately the last 6 years. For over 12 years he has worked on the mechanical & HVAC design of facilities for: cannabis cultivation, processing, & packaging; ice rinks; pharmaceutical manufacture & packing facilities; and high-end food production & packaging. Adam specializes in designing customized solutions for the cannabis industry, to ensure facilities are designed to account for adherence to GACP & GMP standards, optimal crop yield, energy efficiency & cost-savings, efficient, GMP compliant workflows, and long-term reliability, cleanliness & health of facilities / equipment (