With its primary operations located in Colombia, Santa Marta Life Sciences (SMLS) is positioned to become a global leader in premium cannabis production and processing. The Company’s geographic advantage, combined with proven growing techniques and advanced processing technology, allows it to produce the highest-quality cannabis oils at a fraction of the cost of its competition. The licensed facility in Santa Marta, Colombia is managed by a team of industry, business leaders in both Canada and Colombia. With this exceptional team, SMLS is leading the path in providing cost-effective and clinically-tested cannabis oils to medical users around the world.

About Us

Santa Marta Life Sciences will specialize in developing, manufacturing and commercializing high-quality CBD & THC oils for distribution to the global medical marketplace. The company has already secured three licenses from the Colombian government, including:

  1. Cultivation of non-psychoactive Cannabis;
  2. Cultivation of psychoactive cannabis;
  3. Licenses to manufacture cannabis derivatives (processing, extraction, export).
  4. License to import/export/distribute/sell cannabis and hemp seeds.

Santa Marta has a 25-year lease on 34.5 hectares of agricultural land in the Santa Marta region of Colombia. The lease includes a right of first refusal to purchase the land and can be extended to include an adjacent 600 hectare parcel. Santa Marta has already constructed one 10,000 square foot (1,000 square meter) greenhouse and a laboratory on the cultivation land. In addition, the company plans to construct its planned 4,000 square foot (400 square meter) EU GMP-compliant cannabinoid extraction, processing and final products manufacturing facility. The facility will be constructed in the Colombian free trade zone near Santa Marta, thereby providing the company with significant tax advantages.

Santa Marta has identified two primary revenue streams: (a) cultivation of its own flower and hemp biomass; and (b) extraction, processing and packaging of biomass from its cultivation facility and from the facilities operated by its contract farmers. Santa Marta has negotiated with local farm owners who, collectively, control 2,000+ hectares of prime agricultural land in the Santa Marta area. Among other things, it is a condition of these agreements that all crops are produced under Good Agricultural & Collection Practice guidelines (GACP) developed by the World Health Organization.